Learn more about our premium products, and why customers are loving their results

Pure Bliss CBD is leading the way in the beauty sector. All Pure Bliss CBD products are manufactured in the USA in FDA registered manufacturing facilities according to the latest cGMP standards. All our products are manufactured using the best, most bioactive source of broad-spectrum hemp available in the world and are independently third-party tested to be free of trace metals, pesticides, and other toxins.


We use EU Certified Hemp, is the GOLD STANDARD for purity in the hemp plant and resulting biomass. Pure Blis customers can be sure that their products are completely containment free. 


Our molecule size is 5-7 nanos, typically, but always under 10.  That is exponentially smaller than anything being produced in the CBD marketplace in the USA.


We use terpene rich seed genetics and never damage the terpenes during manufacturing. We add specific terpene rich mixtures back into the hemp material before bottling to create specific functionality.